Cliff's Flea Market & Salvage Groceries GRAND REOPENING in Lake City, FL !

About Us

Old Fashioned business serving the community.  Come visit us to save money.


Our groceries are all sold with deep discounts, some half price of the regular grocery store.  Some have tattered labels, others the package is dented, yet others are close to the expiration date but the food is still plenty good for eating.  Come and visit our salvage store.  Food Stamps approval pending.


Provide the customer with remarkable discounts and friendly service.

Customer Reviews

"Your store has saved my family tons of money!" -- H.C., Lake City, FL

"Cliff, we've been waiting for you to reopen.  Even in the midst of all the commercial packages, you still have plenty of healthy stuff" -- C.A., Live Oak, FL

122 Midtown Place, Lake City, fl | 386-288-0368

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